Frequently Asked Questions

Will watching my memories cause motion sickness?
Not unless your memories involve actions that cause motion sickness. For example, if your memory was created while you were rinding roller coaster and such rides make you feel motion sickness then you will feel the same while watching your memory. It's virtually the same thing as in real life.
Where are your services available?
Currently our services are available in the continental United States.
Are there any travel expenses or any other fees involved?
Not usually, but in case of unusual, we will always provide upfront pricing and never have hidden fees.
Can you film under most any conditions (ie, weather, time of day, location)?
As long as there is no danger to life and limb of the cameramen, we will be there.
How much advanced notice do you need?
Advance notices are appreciated. For urgent requests please contact us and we will do our best to help you.
Do you include all the hardware and software necessary for viewing the final product?
Our "VR Memory Plus" and "VR Memory Premium" packages include everything necessary and delivered ready for viewing.
"VR Memory" package does not include viewing hardware and software.
What hardware do you provide with Plus and Premium packages?
Plus packages come with Oculus Go 32GB and Premium packages with Oculus Go 64GB.
Your pricing is very reasonable. Are there any compromises in service or final product in order to provide such pricing?
There are absolutely no compromises in anything that we do. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations.
Our pricing is reasonable because we are trying to make a living and not a killing.
Are there available options for group viewing?
Yes, our representative will explain different options during your consultation.

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