Virtual Reality Training

The Next Evolution
in Training

Whether you are in the field of  manufacturing, education, medicine, government, military or any other organization, training is an essential part to your mission success.

Training can be very expensive, and finding the right trainer or material can be challenging. Expecting a trainer to perform at optimal levels and be fully effective 100% of the time is unrealistic. Video training has become widely popular because of its lower costs and increased consistency of training, but it does have its limitations. People often miss a portion of their training due to inattention and lack of interactivity, because it is not a wholly-immersive experience. The difference between watching training videos and actually performing your duties is so significant that most trainees cannot relate what was shown during training to real-world situations. Having no interaction during training means that the training differs from actual reality, and is inefficient.

With the latest advances in technology, 
we are entering a new evolution in training — Training in Virtual Reality

It fulfills every gap and every missing element from all previous types of training combined. Virtual reality training takes you to the next level of success. It enables the highest quality, fully-immersive training that creates higher knowledge retention and highly-effective employees, propelling your organization to success.

Examples of uses for Virtual Reality Training:

— An introduction to company culture, tour, and leadership meet and greet for newly-hired employees

— Security and  cyber security training
— Instructor training with users’ interactive participation. Questions are asked, checked, and explained during training
— Hands-on training where users can interact with objects such as medical devices or machinery
— New product showcasing , which allows interaction and training for future products
— Electronic learning, which allows for fully-immersive training remotely
— Self-education of employees, with performance tracking
— Technical training, with problem solving

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